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Custom Glitter Tumbler

Custom Glitter Tumbler

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Glitter Flow


This listing is for a custom glitter tumbler! You have 24 hours to send an email to or send a message with what you’d like it to say on the cup. This can be a barn logo, horse name, person name, etc  

These glitter tumblers can be personalized with the color glitter of your choice! They are plastic 24oz tumblers that come with a lid and a straw.

You will pick one or two colors of glitter for inside your tumbler!

You will also choose if you want the glitter to flow or have the glitter suspended/stay more in place.

There are pictures of some examples of some of the different colors and flows to check out! (Color shades may vary depending)

If you have any questions or have an idea for a custom cup send us a message.

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